Welcome to D.L. Thomas Books, the website for the author of Backlash and Hydrotherma. It makes me so happy that you have come to visit, and I am thankful for your interest and support. Like all websites seem to be, this is a work in progress. I am always trying to update the site’s information, as well as work on future book projects, so please check back.

Backlash is my first novel, and writing it was a truly enjoyable experience. I often felt like I was getting to experience Quinn Lewis’s adventures alongside him as I put words to paper. I hope that readers feel the same exhilaration and joy as I did when they read the book. If you haven’t already read it, here’s a snapshot:


Quinn Lewis, a modern day combination of Indiana Jones and MacGyver, leads a team on an epic treasure hunt in a remote Idaho canyon. Lewis must utilize unconventional tools and reckless methods, using whatever is available to overcome each new obstacle thrown his way. Join the team as they work to solve a 200-year old riddle, battling long odds and braving thundering rapids, sheer rock walls, and a treacherous, watery cave—all while evading a team of mercenaries bent on claiming the treasure for themselves.

Will they find the treasure? Will Lewis’s brain and brawn be enough to overcome the challenges? What crazy, innovative scheme will he come up with next? Buckle up; it’s bound to be a wild ride…

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HydrothermaHydrotherma: A Short Story

Follow Quinn Lewis’s transformation from expert computer programmer to full-fledged action hero. Called to Alaska to troubleshoot an underwater robot, Lewis risks his life, pushing the limits to save the day when the research facility catches fire. Putting his problem solving skills and natural abilities to the test, the guy who came to fix the computer becomes the only hope for survival.

Hydrotherma is a short story prequel to the fast-paced Quinn Lewis novel, Backlash.

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